A Winning Combination

Summer Splash came and went and this is what washed up on our shores! Hottie Engku Syafiq took home the title of SUMMER HUNK and Juanita was crowned the Seventeen Cover Girl! Here’s an excerpt from their fashion photo shoot :


So how did the whole experience feel, especially during Summer Splash with the huge crowd?
It was really fun! At first it was a little overwhelming and nerve-wrecking. I had butterflies in my stomach and stuff! But the crowd was very supportive so other than the initial awkwardness, I enjoyed every bit of it.

If you weren’t name the winner, who would you have picked to be the COVER GIRL?
Hui Jing! She’s just a doll plus we go to talk a lot backstage and I really got to know her. So yeah, she’s a wonderful girl too!

What bout the SUMMER HUNK, who would you have picked?
Actually I like Joshua Andran [Giggles] I watched his video and he said he would be a choc fudge cake and I thought it was really cute, I went “aawww” when he said that.

OOooo, so did you take lots of pictures with Josh? And get to know him?
I didn’t take any pictures because I was shy, but I did talk to him a bit.

So who is ‘Juanita’s’ kind of guy?
My type of guy [laughs] cuter than he is handsome. I prefer cuter guys, like one of the Jonas Brothers!

What about pet peeves?
Oh, I can’t stand it if a guy eats really noisily!

The big question all guys are wondering, single, taken or crushing?
Single but not available. I’m single but I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend yet. I want to focus on my studies too.

If you were written about in the newspapers what would the headline read?
Girl gone wild [Laughs], no I’m just kidding. Cover girl loses her voice screaming. I’m always screaming, like I’m always the loudest at concerts!

What would your perfect day be like?
Watching the sunset with the one I adore!

If a Hollywood movie was made based on your life, who would play you?
Amanda Bynes, cause she’s very crazy and she’s not afraid to look stupid.

If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?
I don’t think I’d like to trade places with anyone, I like where I am.


Hello! How’s it feel so far?
It’s great!

Did you think your name was going to be called?
Called? Called for what?

OMG!! As the winner!
Oh yeah, well actually I thought when Aaron’s name was announced, that was it. So I was cool lah.

Aaww, so were you crushed when you thought you didn’t win?
Nah, I didn’t join to win. I came to have fun. Actually I really thought I was going to lose. I thought it was only based on voting and I didn’t tell many people to vote ’cause I was a li’l shy. So I only told some close friends.

Fill in the blanks. Engku Syafiq is a __ kind of guy!
Humourous kind of guy! I love telling jokes.

Do you realize you’re hot? And do you get a lot attention from the girls?
HAH? No lah, not really. The whole working out thing started ’cause I wanted to be more fit and improve my strength. Some girls have said that I’m cute, but I don’t know. [shifts his eyes]

So tell us honestly, who among the cover girls did you have the hots for?
Hmmm, Adelyn! ‘Cause I think she looks like a cute Brazilian. In some of her photos she looks a li’l like Jessica Alba and I admire Jessica Alba.

Then if you could pick the cover girl yourself, who would you have gone for?
Actually, I think Juanita. She deserves it. She’s cheerful and she’s got that energy.

I assume you’re on Facebook, what does your “relationship status” read?
Yeah I am, it says SINGLE and it’s not going to change, not in the near future.

What about random girls trying to ‘add’ you, has that been happening?
Yeah, I used to get that a bit, dulu lah [Laughs] after Summer Splash it’s been a li’l bit more.

Talking about random, let’s go for the random questions! What movie has reduced you to tears?
Well, not really crying but like my eyes filled up but tak terkeluar. The movie Click – when he hit rewind to the time before his dad passed away. That was really touching.

If you could trade places with anyone in the world, fictional or not. Who would it be?
Anakin Skywalker. I love the character a lot!


Congratulations once again to Juanita and Engku Syafiq!

Source : Seventeen Malaysia – August Issue


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