The Eternal Shopper

Ever wonder what it would be like to dictate what the rest of us buy? Meet Cheryl Chung, professional shopper and living every Malaysia girl’s dream.

Name: Cheryl Chung
Occupation : Assistant Buyer
Where : ROXY
Experience : 2 years

What do you do?
My main job function is to select and purchase ROXY products from each season to cater to the Malaysian customers’ needs.

Why did you choose this job?
I simply love shopping. I guess it started out as a habit but I do have a built-in interest for fashion and this endeavor. A buyer is simply an extension of my passion.

Describe your job.
My job is challenging and exciting at the same time. It is not easy to buy the right things to sell. Fashion trends and customer preferences vary from season to season. A lack of research or understanding of the fashion industry can make it difficult when it comes to making decisions. Merchandising is simply not just buying products that sell but more importantly, it has to represent the brand’s image and concept.

What inspires you?
knowing that ROXY is an outstanding brand. The effort put into designing an exciting range of apparel and accessories by a creative team of designers never fails to amaze me. Plus the fact that every girl I know wants to be a ROXY girl is simply inspiring.

What do you think of the fashion industry in Malaysia?
There is still a lot of room for improvement in Malaysia. Compared to other Asian countries, our local fashion scene is fairly conservative. Nevertheless, I can definitely say that Malaysians are starting to experiment with different silhouettes and color palettes. This is a positive sign that Malaysians could be the next trendsetters in Asia.

What education background or skills does one need to have to be in this line?
Knowledge in fashion designing is definitely an advantage for this job. Personality and a genuine interest for fashion will help to keep you going especially when you want to bring something new into the industry. You must also have courage, a strong instinct for the marker and a helathy knowledge of fashion.

Seasons come and go, how do you keep the items in the shop trendy and appropriate for the local fashion scene?
Visual merchandising plays a vital role in presenting the products in the most interesting and captivating manner to our customers.

Do you decide what sells and what doesn’t in the stores?
I play a main part in it but usually, the team will discuss our direction beforehand.

What are the perks and privileges of being a fashion merchandiser / buyer?
It has to be when I get to viw the entire collection before everyone else does!

Your advice for readers who’d love to be in your shoes…
You need an in-depth knowledge and passion for fashion. You also have to be able to work independently, to be daring enough to take fashion risks as well as having a strong analytical mind.

Source : Seventeen Malaysia – August issue


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