Special Update : Quiksilver & Roxy Summer/Spring Showcase 09!

Check out what’s happening tomorrow!



Come and watch Quiksilver & Roxy’s latest collection featuring the best range of swimwear, boardshorts, denim, t-shirts and summer dresses. See you there!


Buy 2nd item at 20% off.
Buy 3rd item at 50% off.

Terms and conditions apply.


4 Responses to “Special Update : Quiksilver & Roxy Summer/Spring Showcase 09!”

  1. 1 dyana April 14, 2009 at 9:19 am

    i like it….

  2. 2 chris April 15, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    I use to be an avid shopper at quicksilver. I loved the boardshorts collection and some of the old fashioned t-shirts with the black quicksilver logo by the side of the sleeves.

    Based on my heavy spending at Quicksilver, i was finally offered a member card somewhere two years back, but recently, I am very unsatisfied with the level of service, and product at quicksilver(you may see the trend of me using my member card at any quicksilver store)

    Firstly, the staffs are very rude, they speak in chinese as if they’re signalling each other whenever i ask a question. For instance, quicksilver has this all sorts of discount methods where they offer a 20% for the first item, and then 30% for the 3rd item and so on…but then you’re NOT allowed to use your member card,..hmm…so whats the point of having the privellages of a member card. apparently if i buy using the member card, im not entitled for any additional discounts.

    Regarding the design of the boardshort and t-shirts, how many people out there do you see wearing your latest designs…do some research people, go back to the old skool style, its more classy and surfy.

    I hope i gave some constructive critisms as i am a fan and i love quicksliver by the way. I just cannot defend it when people out there call it “jin jang”


    • 3 quiksilvermalaysia April 17, 2009 at 10:49 am

      Dear Mr. Chris Singham,

      Firstly we would like to thank you for your email and feedback.

      We are deeply appreciative and extremely delighted that you are a fan of Quiksilver products.

      Over the many years, the brand has developed from its core roots in the outdoor and surf apparel lines to mature into a fuller range inspired not only by surf/snow/skate but also by music, fashion and art. We understand your concerns for a more surf orientated range of products and more often than not, every season surf and classic prints remain a staple proportion of our range. Rest assured despite a stronger inclination towards fashion, our products are still deeply rooted in core surf. In fact, the team of Quiksilver designers travel extensively internationally for research into the latest trends to incorporate these ideas into every upcoming season.

      Meanwhile, on another note, we regret sincerely that you have experienced unsatisfactory customer service in our flagship stores. We constantly strive for impeccable customer service especially to our dedicated members. We also wish to kindly bring to your attention that we value all our members and despite various ongoing in-store promotions, our members still receive on top of the normal promotion offered to walk-in customers, either an additional 10% off on the first item or a premium gift only for members (*these additional benefits to members varies from promotion to promotion). We apologize if this was not clearly communicated to you during your visit to our stores by our sales executives.

      We appreciate your effort and time taken to offer us your feedback and in view of this we would like to send you a RM50 gift voucher as we continue to strive for excellent customer service.

      Kindly provide us a suitable mailing address for the gift voucher.

      Feel free to drop us an email if you have any other concerns or queries in regards to the above.

      We look forward to seeing you in our stores again soon.

      Thank you.

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