Product Update : November : Week 2

Introducing “The Ray”


Eco Design Strategy
The concept of eco-design is to reduce the impact to the global environment throughout every stage of development. This process begins during the early stages of design and continues throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

All Products Are A Source Of Impact
No product completes its life cycle without consuming or polluting. The consumption of natural resources is inevitable and is the source of environmental impact. Therefore, it is important that we work to improve the ecological characteristics of every product.


A selection of low impact and renewable materials were used to design The Ray:
– Real ebony wood sourced from sustainable managed forests, which means that for every tree used, another one is planted. This wood was chosen for its high density and durable characteristics.

– 100% recyclable anti-allergy 316L stainless steel

– 100% recyclable aluminum

– 100% recyclable mineral crystal

– 100% solvent free inks

– 9 ruby stainless steel and brass automatic movement. An automatic movement needs no batteries, and has a 10 year life expectancy.


The majority of the watch’s components are produced and adjusted by hand.
The watch is then assembled entirely by hand in our factories.

The RAY is delivered in a recycled cardboard package which is also recyclable. The packaging is optimized to use 30% less material than our conventional watch packaging. In addition, we have eliminated the plastic C-clip stand, fi lms, water-based inks and embossing traditionally used in watch packaging.

The Ray is transported overseas by boat and locally by truck. In comparison to air freight, utilising boat and truck transportation significantly reduces CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions.

Available at our stores end December 2008.


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