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A Tidal Wave of Talent

The opportunity to surf came unexpectedly for the bubbly 20-year-old, Jia Qi.

“I was working at Quiksilver in Sunway Lagoon when the lifeguards invited me to join them for their staff surfing once every week. I was thrilled! I got this second-hand surfboard for RM800 from one of the lifeguards!” says Qi.

What’s so fun about surfing?
“It’s relaxing! When you’re out in the seas catching the waves, you don’t think of anything else. There’s a sense of joy in doing that!” She continues, “Though, I’m still very cautious of wipeouts (falling off the board), or when I’m stuck in the water for a long time. The rocks out at sea are dangerous too.”

Jiq Qi explains that guys are naturally better surfers because they’re stronger, and it helps when it comes to pedalling. “Plus, most girls want to jaga their body – so they don’t pedal hard as is might make their arms grow bigger!” she says with a laugh.

Jia Qi

Jia Qi

Qi also travels to Cherating, Kijal and Kuari to surf. Her most treasured experience was in Kuari where she was out in the beach from 2p.m. till 6p.m! “The waves were terribly rough, but I was able to ride on the board-without falling! That feeling was indescribable; I didn’t even feel exhausted! But there was this one time in Kijal where I didn’t manage to balance very well. The front of my board broke, hit my nose and it started to bleed. I had to sit by the beach and wait while my friends surfed.”

If you want to take up surfing, Qi advices that you learn to swim first. “You have to be a good swimmer. If in any instance you loose you board and the water currents pull you deeper to the sea, it really helps if you can swim well.”

Qi surfing

Qi surfing

Source : Seventeen Malaysia – July 2008


Quiksilver & Roxy Malaysia warns public of scam

Quiksilver and Roxy Malaysia would like to warn the public of a lucky draw scam using its name. Reports have been received claiming a company called Prestige Platinum has been calling our customers and informing them that they are lucky winners of a lucky draw. Representative of the said company also quoted the Quiksilver and Roxy event held at Sunway Lagoon. The prize is a holiday trip and that the customer needs to come to their office in Bangsar first.

Quiksilver Malaysia has advised those who receive such calls to ignore the offer. Quiksilver do not conduct any promotion through telephone calls. All contests and promotions are advertised in-stores or on the Quiksilver Malaysia website

Should there be any more such cases, kindly notify us by email at or call 03-9284 8078 to speak to Customer Service.

Welcome everybody!

In the effort to connect to Quiksilver and Roxy lovers in Malaysia, we present to you our very own blog! From our latest promotions to special product features and happenings around, we hope to keep you updated as much as possible with this little humble blog. Who knows, you might even get featured here one day!  So, welcome once again and stay tuned for more in the days to come!

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